It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love…

Marissa & Ryan - Scott & Allison 


OTP: We all thought you were endgame and we’re really sorry that this is the reason that you’re not.

my friends sister just finished watching the Season 3 Finale. She commented: “It’s so obvious Marissa doesn’t die”

Can’t wait till she starts Season 4

Anonymous wondered: Before, it was styled as "theO.C." and after, it was styled as OC with the "THE" in the O.

holy crap I totally didn’t notice that i thought they used theOC for the openings and then OC with ‘the’ in the middle for promos, you’re observant.

I think I prefer the later style just because it looks a whole lot neater and clean overall, but I like how ‘TheOC’ looks in the opening sequence… if that makes sense. 

Anonymous wondered: Which logo do you like better? Seasons 1-2, or seasons 3-4?


I wasn’t aware they actually changed logos between seasons 2 & 3 wasn’t it always this?

The OC